I’ve written a little mini ebook, and it’s a quick read, only 3,000 words.
Starting my year as I want the rest to flow - going to bed early in 2022, much to the kid’s disgust and getting up with the sun and with a beach swim.
Wrapping up 2022 and all it's muckiness
On Saturday I completed a 5 day fast and here is part 1 of that experience
Community is different to friendship. Where the whole family is supported, kids are of similar ages and have similar interests and there’s a group…
We had a fortunate life as overseas expats. But it did come at a cost. Living overseas for the past 16 years meant sacrifice.
“It was the biggest mistake of my life, to not prioritise myself, because of the level of exhaustion I was at, I had to figure out what self-care was…
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