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Hi, I'm Robyn
Thanks for stopping by. That's my duck face if you couldn't already tell and I love red lipstick (my fave!)
You must be super nosey like me, so while you're at it, check my current ventures above, plus some super cool freebies I often create to help you out - because I'm nice like that (ok only sometimes!)
PS. I'm a writer, raw chef/trainer & mentor.
Robyn is a former Flight Attendant turned Australia’s leading Raw Food Chef (named in 2014 by Australia's Woman's Day magazine) who was formally trained by the UK's leading Raw Food Chef Russell James at the World’s Best Culinary School according to Food & Wine magazine.

As an internationally renowned Raw Food Coach and presenter, Robyn shares her honest, practical tips and passion for helping busy people enjoy more raw food everyday. Robyn teaches those overwhelmed by the Raw Food World to get the basics right from the beginning and has a non judgemental approach.

Having taught sold out Raw Food workshops to audiences from Australia to Bahrain (and many other countries in between), where she now lives with her husband and young children living the expat life, Robyn believes that anyone can add raw to their diet to increase health and happiness.

She also now mentors Health and Lifestyle professionals to grow their own online business as she has with her own company. 

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