• iphone3

    5 Reasons to Get Into Facebook Voice Messaging

    Have you discovered Facebook’s Voice Messaging tool yet? Holy moly if you haven’t, then you must! It is hands down my most used and favourite tool for not only my business but my life as well. No less than 20 x a day am I using it to communicate with my team when I am […] Read more…

  • joint ventures

    How to Partner Up for Success | Joint Ventures / Partnerships

    Whether you are just starting out online or you have been established for sometime and already have a loyal and engaged following, partnering up with others in your niche or industry can be a very wise move  not only for your profile, but also for your bottom line. Ever since I started blogging in 2008, I have […] Read more…


  • unnamed (5)

    My Bahrain Home Styling Project

    Well the visioning has begun. Keridee of The Seaside Stylist will be proud. I have just set up my own inspiration board on Pinterest for my first home styling project – our new home here in Bahrain. After 8+ years of living as a world nomad, between share house living, and pokey company provided housing, […] Read more…

  • beach house

    The story our our beach house.

    As an expat who’s been living abroad for 10 years, both as a single woman and now a mama and wife, I often have feelings of displacement and especially more now that we have children that want to get to know their extended family back home. Last year, during a particularly tough home sickness bout, […] Read more…


  • chloe travel

    11 Top Travel Tips for Solo Travel Long Distance With Kids

    I’m often asked by friends for my tips on long distance travel with kids because frequently I’m doing the Middle East to Australia shuffle with a 2 & 4 year old on my own due to the husbands work commitments. Here’s your very own Carry On Travel Checklist Click Here to Access Checklist Before I […] Read more…

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    Living a Laptop Lifestyle

    This last weekend, I felt I had truly achieved a major milestone in my business growth and that was where I knew I had turned a corner in achieving a major goal in working for myself. Last year, I remember clearly a moment when my husband returned home from work, only to have to hit […] Read more…